Back Pain Can Be Dangerous – Read Below to Know More

Back pain is a condition that interferes with the personal life of an individual. Luckily, there are a lot of home treatments available to reduce this pain. Back pain is a common problem that requires immediate attention and medical treatment. There is a huge probability of a person to experience this pain once in their lifetime.

Causes of back pain

Once you reach your thirties, you are likely to face lower back problems more often. As you grow a bit older, the bones tend to become weak. The discs become fragile and sometimes be broken easily. A disc pushes the joints outside and forces the nerve to the point where the spine divides giving rise to a condition of sciatic nerve pain.

Sciatica usually affects one portion of the brain. This may cause inflammation, swelling and sometimes numbness in the affected region. Most patients experience this pain from an activity such as planting and weight training while others simply bent down to collect a pencil and can feel the pain.

Low back pain is mostly caused by strains or sprains due to simple activities, or over lifting, and accidents. It is best to see a Owasso back pain specialist if the condition does not ease within two to three days.


Home remedies of back pain

Always use ice bags, as this can relieve the pain directly after a back injury through numbing the affected area and reduce swelling. However, it could be beneficial to use heat packs on your back for about 48 hours once you feel the pain. Warmth relaxes and calms the body and increases blood circulation for the quick recovery process.

Bed rest is also recommended in cases of severe pain which prevents one from sitting or standing. Lotion and oils are easily available in the market to help alleviate pain by obstructing the sensation. The painful area can be desensitized by theses creams which mainly consist of capsaicin. ( normally found in green chillis).

Yoga helps to build muscles that are strong and flexible and less susceptible to injuries. It also helps to cure back pain, avoid future difficulties and strengthen bone functions. Take part in a program with your chiropractors in Owasso OK, or seek referrals from some other medical professional. The three key activities of a good routine involve physical fitness, strength training, and jogging.


Tests required for back pain

X-Ray – Then images show the joints and whether you have inflammation or broken bones. Such photos will not show issues with your spine, organs, nerves or disks.

Bone MRI – The scans produce pictures that can display herniated discs and bones, muscle, tendon, vein, ligament or blood vessel issues.

Bone Scan – Your physician may use a bone scan to find osteoporosis-related bone tumors or fractures.



At least 75% of our population suffers from back pain. This pain can be chronic or life-threatening. Activities like yoga or Tai Chi can change your life and ease pain. So find out the best measures to reduce back pain which can help you to relax more!

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