How to fix your Braces at Home Dr Roger S Lim Orthodontist Sherman Oaks Ca.

20 thoughts on “How to fix your Braces at Home Dr Roger S Lim Orthodontist Sherman Oaks Ca.

  1. Well I don’t know what they do in Aussie Land, but this happened to my kids
    braces & this vid helped FIX the problem without going to see his dentist.
    Fix means to make firm,stable or give a permanent form it’s from the latin
    word Fixus. Stop being so critical mate.

  2. omg i just popped a bracket off, its still hangn on the wire though,
    hopefully this helps

  3. There are more videos on his website that can provide additional help…
    click the above link and all the best. Any severe problems be sure to
    contact your dentist…

  4. @SneakyPlatypuss ME TOO AND i live in mexico and im going to USA tomorow
    but the dentist left

  5. She’s right that’s why we have ortho dentist and Bunnie has great teeth.
    But if it’s the weekend hooray for wax

  6. My wire has completely came of from my braces! I’m scared that my
    orthodontist will not fix them! I have followed the video and used a nail
    clipper to cut of the wire! PLEASE tell me if they will fix them thanks!

  7. i have a chain on my braces and my bracket is loose and i have no idea what
    to do and i dont want to go to the orthodontist cause theyll charge my dad
    300$ for all the brackets ive broken so ya helo

  8. Doc, we don’t have the tools, is meant to fix at home right?? please use
    stuff that are available at home..

  9. How can I reattach my bracket on one tooth? I don’t have an orthodontist
    and I have been maintaining my braces.

  10. To risky… it only takes 10min to stop by any dentist and have it secured
    again… shouldn’t cost anything for a adjustment.

  11. I’ve got braces and one of my brackets have come off my tooth! It has
    turned so the bit that was glued to my tooth is on the other side near my
    lip! I’ve called my ortho and I have to wait til Tuesday. At least I miss

  12. My treatment was done in Venezuela.. Then moved to USA (CA) and want to
    continue treatment here.. Will you do it? Thanks!

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