Invisalign vs Braces: Which to Choose?

Here is a look at the unique advantages of traditional braces and Invisalign for the customers to decide which one is best suited for them:


1) Invisible Treatment: Invisalign is known to be an invisible form of treatment especially because of its translucent braces. Their braces are clear and transparent, making them essentially invisible while wearing them. Although, they can be seen when looked very closely, they not usually noticed at the time of a casual conversation.

2)  Fewer and Faster Follow-up Appointments: The aligners in Invisalign are prepared in sets, typically a few for every individual. So, the customers can pick-up several sets in every follow-up visit and are required to go for short appointments in every 2 to 3 months. This is best suited for the working professionals and busy parents as they can manage their schedules for the appointments easily.

3)  Improved Oral Hygiene: With the Invisalign aligning treatment, it is possible to have easiness in cleaning the teeth. There is no requirement of additional aids or tools for cleaning the under/around brackets and wires. Customers can simply remove the aligners and brush & floss their teeth normally. Invisalign expedites the overall process of having well-aligned and cleaner teeth.

4)  Less Impact on Daily Routine: The patients using Invisalign are able to eat and drink whatever they like without having to worry about effects on braces. Since the eating and drinking are done carried out with the aligners on, there are no parts that can pop off or break white chewing. But, remembering to take off the aligners during every meal is important or else they may break.


1)  More Suitability: The traditional braces provide successful results in any type of situation, be it minor movements of teeth of complex alignment bite.

2)  Range of Options: Because of the modern advancements, braces for kids are now available in different types of non-metal materials such as- ceramic braces, tooth colored braces, etc. Also, dentists use low profile wires nowadays in traditional braces that are less likely to get noticed.

3)  Cost Effective: Being the traditional method of teeth straightening, the metal braces are less costly as compared to envisaging. They are fare more affordable and are chosen by many happy customers even today. In the recent years, cost of envisaging has dropped considerably due to which the difference in the cost of the two forms of treatment has also reduced.

4)  Most Preferred: As the metal braces are suitable for all age groups, most patients prefer them. Also, the conventional orthodontics provides the liberty of making adjustments and changes easily. Therefore, they are mostly preferred by the younger patients as their mouth keep evolving as they grow older. With traditional braces, the dentists have the option of incorporating additional appliances such as space maintainers, or palatal expanders.

Both Invisalign and conventional braces are placed in the modern orthodontic treatment therapy. Deciding which is one is better depends solely on customers and their orthodontists. It is better to take into account the various factors and go for a treatment that fits one’s daily routine, personal requirements, age, short-term and long-term goals, and budget.