Services Provided By Chiropractors

If you are from Frisco or other parts of the country, it is quite obvious that you would have come across chiropractors. While many would know the kind of services offered by these professionals, others may not know much about them. We will try and find answers to the question as to what does a chiropractor does. There are many services offered by these professionals that we may not be aware of. We are listing down some of the main reasons as to why it makes sense to hire the services of chiropractor in Frisco. We are sure it will be a great way to get some useful and pertinent knowledge about chiropractors. We are sure that such knowledge and information will come in handy when you need them the most. They are also known as DC or Doctors of Chiropractic Medicine. They are capable of wearing many hats as far as their services and careers are concerned. They offer services that go much beyond taking care of problems related to backs, necks and also adjustment of hips.

What Do They Do

In most cases, a DC uses a technique known as a chiropractic adjustment. This is manipulation of the spine. This may help in realigning the joints and bones of the backs of patients. They deftly used their hands and help in delivering a low-amplitude and high-velocity thrust. This is also referred to as HVLA and it is applied to our spine. Many of us might think that applying force to a sore joint could prove to be counterproductive. However, these professionals know how to do it professionals and they help to dislodge stuck joints. They are experts in restoring frozen joints without resulting in further injury to the backs.

Treatment of Sports Injuries

Chiropractic care can come in very handy when it comes to treating a wide variety of injuries that are a part of sports careers. These include strained tendons, torn muscles, and ligaments that are strained. Additionally, they also could be very useful in treating the following types of injuries.

Whiplash: Qualified and experienced DCs can effectively treat various injuries that impact the spine. Whiplash is one such common injury and it occurs when the head whips back on the impact caused by an accident. This leads to injuries and soreness on the axis of the neck. This can be treated and the condition reversed by these professionals.

Migraines and Sciatica 

Migraine pains are very intense and they often occur because of neck pain. These types of pains can be effectively treated with the help of chiropractic treatment. Sciatica is a type of pinched nerve syndrome. This is often caused because of improper alignment of the lumbar spine. Chiropractors in Plano TX make use of the HVLA technique to ease and reverse various symptoms associated with sciatica.

Myofascial Pain

This is a disorder when the fascia that keeps the muscles together suffers from inflammation. This leads to what is referred to as adhesions or painful knots. A chiropractor can help in releasing these trigger points.


Apart from the above that are referred to as adjustments, they also offer simple therapies for muscle pain, hydrotherapy, hot and cold water therapy amongst others.

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