Two Girls & One Chiropractic Neck Adjustments Austin Chiropractor Jeff Echols

40 thoughts on “Two Girls & One Chiropractic Neck Adjustments Austin Chiropractor Jeff Echols

  1. I guess Kenny Rogers doesn’t have any male patients. Hey, Kenny! I know
    it’s not as much fun to touch a guy’s butt, but they do have Chiropractic
    problems too.

  2. Give this man an award! Great actor! (: sorry, had to. If it helps, that’s
    wonderful. Whatever makes a person happy. That’s all that counts.

  3. Maybe because the same adjustments are used for everything. Neck hurts, use
    the same exact push/crack of the neck. Back pain? Let the doctor crack your
    back! The EXACT same way. Rinse and repeat for every spot in the body. It’s
    all about the pop. If you can make it pop, the customer is usually
    satisfied. Temporarily…. Just my opinion though. No hard feelings…. If
    it helps you, wonderful. It didn’t help me with my headaches ): 

  4. HiJeff my name is nader iam ilos angeles ca i do need spine and neck
    adjustment please let me know if you have office in Los Angeleles. If you
    don,t my be you can reccomand some one here .its very hard to find a good&
    honest chiropractor hear i really appreciate your help nader asef 

  5. This Nader Asef again i forgot to mention have tingling in my fingers
    right and left hand for 3 month and its anoying at night please help if you
    can thanks 

  6. When im watching the videos i actually feel the touchs on my body, is so

  7. blablabla..relaxed..blablabla shoulders relaxed bla..dude just smoke some
    pot to be relaxed haha

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