What Is Acupuncture And How It Works

Whenever we think about acupuncture Okc, we often have images of needles piercing through various parts of the body. We imagine that it could be highly painful and could cause more problems than solutions. However, this actually may not be the case. If we take a step back, pause and then understand the actual objective and methodology of this form of treatments, then we might have a few things good to learn about it. This is an ancient form of complementary form of medication which has its origins in China. Over the past many hundreds of years, it has moved from China and is also quite popular among thousands of patients across Europe, USA and other countries of the world. We will try and find out more about this ancient form of treatment and try to separate the grain from the chaff as far as facts are concerned.

What Is This Treatment All About

chiropractic and acupuncture is a treatment which requires the insertion of needles in various point of the body. These are referred to as the trigger points. Yes, the insertion of the needles does cause tiny injuries at the point of contact. But the injury is minimal or even insignificant in nature. It is supposed to strengthen the immune system of the body, improve blood circulation in specific areas of the body. It also could help in wound healing and also for pain management and modulation.

What Is The Philosophy

The philosophy behind acupuncture is based on the life-giving force referred to as ‘qi’ but pronounced as ‘chee’. When ‘chee’ is normal and flowing the right way and in the right force, then a person would be in normal health. However, whenever there is a problem with the flow of ‘chee’ it could lead to illnesses of different types and categories. The basic objective of acupuncture is to ensure that the right balance is maintained and this is done only when “chee” is working properly. This is where acupuncture could play a big role.

What Kind Of Ailments Can It Be Effective

Though it is basically a complementary form of medication, it can be useful in treating the symptoms and more importantly the causes of various types of health conditions. Traditionally, acupuncture has been found to be effective in handling the following diseases and health conditions.

•Chronic headaches. Whether it is a migraine or sinusitis-driven headaches, there are reasons to believe that acupuncture could play a big role in giving relief from pain and discomfort within a short period of time.

•Back pain and joint pains. As you age, it is quite obvious that you will suffer from joint pains especially in the knees, shoulders, and lower back. Qualified and experienced acupuncturists can help give quick relief from these aches and pains across different parts of the body.

•It could also play a big role in giving continuous and permanent relief from high blood pressure and also help to treat various digestive disorders and even improve the functioning of the kidney and liver.


In fine, there is no doubt that there are obviously quite a few things positive and real about acupuncture. Yes, there are a few who are still skeptical about it but it has stood the test of time.

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