Getting Purified Water for House through Point of Use and Point of Entry Filtration System

Water filter systems with point of entry eliminate requirements of individual filter systems at water dispensers in the house. Whereas point of use systems are meant to filter water before getting dispensed, water filtration systems with point of entry function are required for filtering water upon entering the house. Point of entry water filter system is meant to directly connect to the water line and it can also act like a central source of filtration system for the entire house. Both these systems are vital for houses with great water dispensing locations as they provide peace of mind upon turning on faucets. Let’s look upon what you can expect from both of these.

Point of Entry – Clean Water for the Entire House

Point of entry filtration system gets installed in main water source line. The point of entry is normally installed in garage. These systems are generally gets placed in front side of water heater for delivering pure cold and hot water for all taps in the house. Here, the water firstly enters your house for treating all water that you’re using in the entire house. Treated water then flows through different taps and all appliances in the entire house, due to which they often generically get known by the name whole-house filters.

Point of entry systems provide high capacity filtration and are ideal for treating thousands of gallons of running water in a day. These are available in large sizes along with small mountable units measuring around 20”H x 4.5”, for tall freestanding mineral tank systems standing more than 65” or higher in height.

All these versatile units can make use of different media beds and filter cartridges for practically removing all water contamination types.

Point of Use – Get Purified Water Only when Needed

POU water systems get installed at single connection generally under bathroom sink or kitchen counter. These small systems with low capacity filter water at actual “point” where they’re used.

While the POU purified water gets distributed to many outlets, low volume production (2)-100 GPD) makes it entirely suitable for applications of light use. A few points of use filters can only last around 3 to 6 months depending on the unit size while others can last around 1 year or higher.

POU systems examples include countertop and under counter reverse osmosis (RO) systems along with carbon faucet filters and basic sediments.

While many such filters make claims of producing water for drinking, only RO systems offer highest water quality which is ideal to drink.

It is as only RO systems can make use of highly advanced hyper-filtration membrane technology for removal of more than 99% water contamination and also produces bottled drinking water quality.

Point of Entry & Point of Use Total Water Solutions

Families that require total drinking water solutions, cleaning and bathing water often elects for installation of combination of point of use and Point of Use Filter system for treating their entire house. A normal setup meant for people consuming water from city systems can include installation of an entire house POE backwashing carbon filter in garage for removal of odors and chemicals, which is followed through a POE water softener for minimizing buildup of scale and gets completed through a point of use RO water filtration system in your kitchen to get cooking and drinking water.

Homeowners using well water or the ones who require specialized treatment also find that there are various options for treatment available for addressing certain concerns of water contamination.

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