Getting Purified Water for House through Point of Use and Point of Entry Filtration System

Water filter systems with point of entry eliminate requirements of individual filter systems at water dispensers in the house. Whereas point of use systems are meant to filter water before getting dispensed, water filtration systems with point of entry function are required for filtering water upon entering the house. Point of entry water filter system is meant to directly connect to the water line and it can also act like a central source of filtration system for the entire house. Both these systems are vital for houses with great water dispensing locations as they provide peace of mind upon turning on faucets. Let’s look upon what you can expect from both of these.

Point of Entry – Clean Water for the Entire House

Point of entry filtration system gets installed in main water source line. The point of entry is normally installed in garage. These systems are generally gets placed in front side of water heater for delivering pure cold and hot water for all taps in the house. Here, the water firstly enters your house for treating all water that you’re using in the entire house. Treated water then flows through different taps and all appliances in the entire house, due to which they often generically get known by the name whole-house filters.

Point of entry systems provide high capacity filtration and are ideal for treating thousands of gallons of running water in a day. These are available in large sizes along with small mountable units measuring around 20”H x 4.5”, for tall freestanding mineral tank systems standing more than 65” or higher in height.

All these versatile units can make use of different media beds and filter cartridges for practically removing all water contamination types.

Point of Use – Get Purified Water Only when Needed

POU water systems get installed at single connection generally under bathroom sink or kitchen counter. These small systems with low capacity filter water at actual “point” where they’re used.

While the POU purified water gets distributed to many outlets, low volume production (2)-100 GPD) makes it entirely suitable for applications of light use. A few points of use filters can only last around 3 to 6 months depending on the unit size while others can last around 1 year or higher.

POU systems examples include countertop and under counter reverse osmosis (RO) systems along with carbon faucet filters and basic sediments.

While many such filters make claims of producing water for drinking, only RO systems offer highest water quality which is ideal to drink.

It is as only RO systems can make use of highly advanced hyper-filtration membrane technology for removal of more than 99% water contamination and also produces bottled drinking water quality.

Point of Entry & Point of Use Total Water Solutions

Families that require total drinking water solutions, cleaning and bathing water often elects for installation of combination of point of use and Point of Use Filter system for treating their entire house. A normal setup meant for people consuming water from city systems can include installation of an entire house POE backwashing carbon filter in garage for removal of odors and chemicals, which is followed through a POE water softener for minimizing buildup of scale and gets completed through a point of use RO water filtration system in your kitchen to get cooking and drinking water.

Homeowners using well water or the ones who require specialized treatment also find that there are various options for treatment available for addressing certain concerns of water contamination.

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Lingual Braces Cost: What Are The Benefits Of These Braces?

The lingual brace is one of the most popular types of fixed dental treatment. It is used for the patients who need to adjust their teeth alignment and structure in the best possible way. This helps them to make your teeth look good and beautiful. Also, this can improve your teeth alignment making it more beautiful and healthy when you smile. If you are looking for various options for braces, then lingual braces can be one of them. You need to know more about the lingual braces cost and benefits before you opt that. Here are some of the most important information about this type of brace.

What are lingual braces?

Lingual braces are quite similar to that of the traditional braces which is made up of wires and brackets. This is, then, installed in our mouth on the teeth for fixing the misalignments of the teeth. But there is a major difference in the lingual braces and the difference is that it is almost invisible in nature. For this reason, they are gaining more and more popularity in children as well as in adults.

Benefits of lingual braces

There are some amazing benefits of the lingual braces. These are:

  1. They are virtually invisible in nature. Unless and until someone watches very closely when you smile or speak, these braces are not visible at all. None will know that there is a brace fixed on your teeth.
  2. It provides better hygiene as these braces are easier to clean than that of the traditional braces. Hence, you enjoy better dental hygiene with this.
  3. This can even fix some of the complex misalignment of your teeth efficiently and effectively. This can result into a better formation of the new position for your teeth.

Cost of the lingual braces

The cost of the lingual braces can depend on several factors. These include – the length of the procedure or treatment, you are presently living, which appliance is used for the braces and insurance coverage. Generally, the cost of the lingual braces is quite more than that of the traditional ones. The cost can vary anywhere from $5000 to $7000. This generally depends on the factors mentioned above. Before the procedure, you can speak to some of the best and most experienced orthodontist in your area. Check which orthodontist is providing the best service at the most affordable rate. This will help you to get a better idea about the cost and you can take a decision based on that.


These are some of the important points that you have to keep in mind when you are looking for the best lingual braces procedure. Before anything, it is important to choose the best and most experienced orthodontist in Edmond who will help you in this procedure. Once you have found the one, you will have to discuss about the lingual braces costs. As mentioned above, you have to ask the same from few more orthodontists to get the right idea about the cost. You can also ask about the insurance coverage benefits, if you have one.

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Reasons To Hire A Sport Chiropractor

As we already know, a sport chiropractor can help in assessing the musculoskeletal disorders and treat them. Sports are something where the players and athletes are bound to get injured everywhere. The chiropractors are mainly here for treating the back pains, headaches etc. that are related to your spinal cord. If you are wondering why a sport chiropractor is important, then we are here to help you. A sport chiropractor can be of great use. When the sportsmen play a game, they can go through a lot of injuries. Worst among them is a strong back injury. A sport chiropractor can help to cure that. Besides that, there are many more benefits of having a chiropractor specialized in sports.

Here are some of the reasons why you need to hire a sport chiropractor:

  1. Prevention of future injuries

The best part of hiring a sport chiropractor is that you can prevent the future injuries too while playing the game. The chiropractors not only help in fixing the injuries, but it also helps in preventing them in the near future. Prevention is undoubtedly much easier and better than those painful treatments. The Plano sport chiropractor can help in correcting the structural alignment.

  1. More awareness

With the help of the chiropractor, you can improve your awareness to a different level. These professional can adjust the body functioning properly. It can help in improving the input through the nervous system. This can improve the awareness and make better movement of the body.

  1. Specialized care

As mentioned above, athletes and sportsmen are more prone to injuries. Hence, it is important to keep them under the supervision of the healthcare professionals. One of them is the sport chiropractor who can help in taking care of your back pains, headache and postures. While you are exercising or playing, you need to ensure that the posture is perfect.

  1. Focus more on positions

The positions, when it comes to sports, can be quite tricky at times. No matter how flexible you are, things can go wrong anytime. You can face the issue of the back and other similar problems. You need to keep a good track on the positions. If you want to improve the position and focus more on it, then you need to hire sport chiropractor.

  1. Better enhanced performance

Having a chiropractor in your sports team can help you to have an enhanced performance. No matter what your choice is, the chiropractor can help in better and improved mobility. It also helps with more strength and it prevents lower limb injuries. Thus, overall it can improve the performance of the team or individual.


These are the main reasons why you need to hire a  Frisco sport chiropractor. You can also get treatment for injuries that can happen on the field while running, bending or jumping. Having a chiropractor for your sports team or for any individual can help you in getting the best quality treatment. They can help you in tuning up the whole body which makes it more comfortable and flexible in nature.

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Advantages Of Hiring A Chiropractor

The demand for the services of quality chiropractors is increasing with each passing day. There are many reasons for this. If you are from North Oklahoma and are keen on hiring these professionals, then you certainly are not taking the wrong decision. There are several benefits and advantages if you do the right research and hire the right chiropractors in Oklahoma City. Chiropractors are trained professionals who are experts in the deft movement of the joints and other parts of the body. These deft and carefully planned moves could help in giving relief from various chronic pains and discomforts. However, you must be careful in choosing only the best in this area because wrong selection could lead to more problems than solutions.

They Could Be Helpful In Handling Knee Pain

Most people who are above the age of forty often complain of the knee and joint pain. The role of chiropractors could be beneficial in such cases because of obvious reasons. They know how to identify and diagnose the root cause of the problems. However, you have to trust their capabilities fully and there should not be any half-hearted measures as far as your faith in their capabilities is concerned. Once they have identified the cause of the problem, they will offer deft movements of the knee joints and this should give you immense relief from chronic and excruciating pain and it also could lead to a better quality of life, within a reasonable time.

They Can Give Relief From Headaches

If you are suffering from acute or even chronic headaches and do not know the way forward, you can trust on the capabilities of qualified and experienced chiropractors. These professionals have the right approach and the right kind of instructions, exercises and other methods to help you get relief from headaches that could be a big nuisance. For many, it also could be a debilitating experience and prevent them from carrying on with their day to day activities.

Improving Range of Motion

Many of us often could suffer from severe or moderate restrictions or problems as far as our range of motion is concerned. It could be concerning our shoulders, arms, legs and other parts of the body. This could again hamper our normal life and restrict us to a life that is not of its full potential. In such situations also you could trust the services, experience, and expertise of chiropractors. They know how to improve the range of motion through simple exercises, deft and careful movements of the various joints and parts of the body that could be causing the problem.

Improving Quality Of Sleep

Chiropractors could also come in very handy, whenever there is a need to improve the quality of our sleep. Sleeplessness could have many reasons attached to it and pain in certain parts of the body could be the main reason for many. There could also be some problem with the spinal cord adjustments and in such situations, chiropractors could come as a blessing in disguise and help to correct things.

Hence there is little doubt that there are several benefits when you decide to visit a North OKC chiropractic professional for managing chronic as well as acute pains and other problems.

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Back Pain Can Be Dangerous – Read Below to Know More

Back pain is a condition that interferes with the personal life of an individual. Luckily, there are a lot of home treatments available to reduce this pain. Back pain is a common problem that requires immediate attention and medical treatment. There is a huge probability of a person to experience this pain once in their lifetime.

Causes of back pain

Once you reach your thirties, you are likely to face lower back problems more often. As you grow a bit older, the bones tend to become weak. The discs become fragile and sometimes be broken easily. A disc pushes the joints outside and forces the nerve to the point where the spine divides giving rise to a condition of sciatic nerve pain.

Sciatica usually affects one portion of the brain. This may cause inflammation, swelling and sometimes numbness in the affected region. Most patients experience this pain from an activity such as planting and weight training while others simply bent down to collect a pencil and can feel the pain.

Low back pain is mostly caused by strains or sprains due to simple activities, or over lifting, and accidents. It is best to see a Owasso back pain specialist if the condition does not ease within two to three days.


Home remedies of back pain

Always use ice bags, as this can relieve the pain directly after a back injury through numbing the affected area and reduce swelling. However, it could be beneficial to use heat packs on your back for about 48 hours once you feel the pain. Warmth relaxes and calms the body and increases blood circulation for the quick recovery process.

Bed rest is also recommended in cases of severe pain which prevents one from sitting or standing. Lotion and oils are easily available in the market to help alleviate pain by obstructing the sensation. The painful area can be desensitized by theses creams which mainly consist of capsaicin. ( normally found in green chillis).

Yoga helps to build muscles that are strong and flexible and less susceptible to injuries. It also helps to cure back pain, avoid future difficulties and strengthen bone functions. Take part in a program with your chiropractors in Owasso OK, or seek referrals from some other medical professional. The three key activities of a good routine involve physical fitness, strength training, and jogging.


Tests required for back pain

X-Ray – Then images show the joints and whether you have inflammation or broken bones. Such photos will not show issues with your spine, organs, nerves or disks.

Bone MRI – The scans produce pictures that can display herniated discs and bones, muscle, tendon, vein, ligament or blood vessel issues.

Bone Scan – Your physician may use a bone scan to find osteoporosis-related bone tumors or fractures.



At least 75% of our population suffers from back pain. This pain can be chronic or life-threatening. Activities like yoga or Tai Chi can change your life and ease pain. So find out the best measures to reduce back pain which can help you to relax more!

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What Is a Chiropractor?

A health care professional who diagnoses and treats the disorders in neuromuscular regions by manipulating the spine or adjusting the spine manually is known as a Chiropractor. Most of these health care providers help in improving the functionality and reducing the pain of their patients along with educating them about the ways to take care of their health themselves and treating back pain through ergonomics, exercises, and various therapies.

Fundamental goals and beliefs of chiropractic treatment

  • Chiropractors mainly focus on the relationship between one’s spine and nervous system. The truth of this concept is based on certain beliefs like:
  • One’s nervous system can be affected due to structural and biochemical disarrangement of the spine
  • The treatment provided by the Plano chiropractors can help in restoring the structural harmony of the spine in many conditions to improve the health of the patient and reduce pressure on neurological tissues that are sensitive.
  • The concept of chiropractic treatment is based on reestablishing the normal mobility of the spine which can reestablish the changed reflexes or reduce the irritation in the spinal nerves.

Conditions treated by chiropractors

Chiropractors treat various types of patients by using various non-surgical methods like:

  • Neck pain
  • Sciatica or pain in lower back or leg
  • Headaches
  • Repetitive strains
  • Injuries in a car accident
  • Arthritic pain
  • Sports injuries

Chiropractic treatments for pain in the lower back

Chiropractors normally use non-surgical methods to treat various types of disorders in the musculoskeletal system or nervous system of the patients. Usually, they focus on manipulating the spine as well as on treating its surrounding areas.

It has been proved through various studies that the pain in the lower back can be treated effectively by chiropractors by using manual therapies along with treating the herniated disc of lumbar for treating neck pain and other conditions through radiculopathy.

Actually, when chiropractors treat a patient with chronic pain in lower back then the continuous manipulation of the spine can help in getting long term relief after using intensive manipulation therapy initially.

Main chiropractic treatment of lower back pain

The manual therapy used by chiropractors as the core treatment of pain in the lower back may include:

Manual manipulation of the spine: The manual manipulation of this type can also be done by applying thrust with short lever arm at high velocity to improve the functionality of the abnormal vertebra, restoring the range of motion of the back and reducing irritability in the nerves.

To know more about the chiropractic treatment of pain in lower back you will have to go through literature supporting it. The guidelines published in these books can be included in the chiropractic treatment of pain in the lower back.

Mobilization of the affected areas: The meaning of mobilization in chiropractic treatment is stretching and movement of the joints and muscles, and manipulation of the spine at low speed to increase the extent of motion of the affected areas.

Thus, a chiropractor can treat a number of health conditions by using non-surgical therapies and manipulating the spine manually. The effect of these therapies can be long-lasting if used continuously for some time.

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Pros and Cons Of Acupuncture

If you walk around the streets of Oklahoma City, it is quite likely that you will come across many acupuncture clinics. These clinics must have become operational over the past few decades. There are thousands of people who believe in the rejuvenating power of acupuncture. They believe that it makes them feel stronger and more energetic after each session. Acupuncture is also now being recommended for treating many chronic medical conditions that are perhaps not curable the conventional way. This is because most of the conventional methods of treatment are symptomatic and it is the body that eventually heals the root cause of the problem.

However, this is not the case as far as acupuncture is concerned. It targets the root cause of the problem and tries to cure it completely rather than offering superficial benefits. But there are some downsides associated with acupuncture in OKC. We will have a brief look at the pros and cons of acupuncture so that our readers and potential customers have a good idea about the same. It will help them to make a decision based on knowledge and information.

Advantages of Acupuncture

  • It improves energy levels. Acupuncture is known for its rejuvenating power and there are dozens of people who mention that they feel energized and healthy after they have undergone a session. This could be because of the release of stress and also perhaps because acupuncture canhelp reduce pain and inflammation in various parts of the body. Worries are also a big reason for fatigue and tiredness and this can be controlled with acupuncture.
  • Free from side effects. Most of the treatment methods are dependent on medications, surgeries, procedures and often put the body under the knife. However, this is not the case with acupuncture and chiropractic Therefore, many patients are favorably inclined towards acupuncture because of obvious reasons.
  • Therapeutic treatments are offered. Patients suffer from vomiting, nausea, migraines, stomach problems and other such chronic and acute conditions get good relief through acupuncture procedure. Though the belief levels are not very high, those who have tried it out have reasons to feel happy about the therapeutic benefits associated with acupuncture.
  • It can go hand in hand with traditional treatments. The good thing about acupuncture as well as chiropractic treatment is that both the methods can go well with conventional treatments. They are akin to herbal therapies, taking supplements and other such complementary medications. For example, if a person is suffering from chronic migraine, he or she can continue with medications while also trying out acupuncture as a supportive option.

Cons of Acupuncture 

  • It could lead to infections. Acupuncture involves the insertion of needles in various pressure points of the body. The needles have to be 100% disinfected and even the slightest carelessness in disinfection could lead to various problems. There have been instances where patients have had to suffer unwanted infections because of faulty needles and the risks that they carry with them.
  • Success is not guaranteed. Just like any other medical processes, acupuncture does not guarantee results at all points in time. For a few, it has not been beneficial in any manner whatsoever, and some people have come back disappointed without any big change in their condition even after running through the entire process.


However, in spite of some drawbacks and lack of research findings, acupuncture has stood the test of time for thousands of years and it has its constituency of followers.

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Services Provided By Chiropractors

If you are from Frisco or other parts of the country, it is quite obvious that you would have come across chiropractors. While many would know the kind of services offered by these professionals, others may not know much about them. We will try and find answers to the question as to what does a chiropractor does. There are many services offered by these professionals that we may not be aware of. We are listing down some of the main reasons as to why it makes sense to hire the services of chiropractor in Frisco. We are sure it will be a great way to get some useful and pertinent knowledge about chiropractors. We are sure that such knowledge and information will come in handy when you need them the most. They are also known as DC or Doctors of Chiropractic Medicine. They are capable of wearing many hats as far as their services and careers are concerned. They offer services that go much beyond taking care of problems related to backs, necks and also adjustment of hips.

What Do They Do

In most cases, a DC uses a technique known as a chiropractic adjustment. This is manipulation of the spine. This may help in realigning the joints and bones of the backs of patients. They deftly used their hands and help in delivering a low-amplitude and high-velocity thrust. This is also referred to as HVLA and it is applied to our spine. Many of us might think that applying force to a sore joint could prove to be counterproductive. However, these professionals know how to do it professionals and they help to dislodge stuck joints. They are experts in restoring frozen joints without resulting in further injury to the backs.

Treatment of Sports Injuries

Chiropractic care can come in very handy when it comes to treating a wide variety of injuries that are a part of sports careers. These include strained tendons, torn muscles, and ligaments that are strained. Additionally, they also could be very useful in treating the following types of injuries.

Whiplash: Qualified and experienced DCs can effectively treat various injuries that impact the spine. Whiplash is one such common injury and it occurs when the head whips back on the impact caused by an accident. This leads to injuries and soreness on the axis of the neck. This can be treated and the condition reversed by these professionals.

Migraines and Sciatica 

Migraine pains are very intense and they often occur because of neck pain. These types of pains can be effectively treated with the help of chiropractic treatment. Sciatica is a type of pinched nerve syndrome. This is often caused because of improper alignment of the lumbar spine. Chiropractors in Plano TX make use of the HVLA technique to ease and reverse various symptoms associated with sciatica.

Myofascial Pain

This is a disorder when the fascia that keeps the muscles together suffers from inflammation. This leads to what is referred to as adhesions or painful knots. A chiropractor can help in releasing these trigger points.


Apart from the above that are referred to as adjustments, they also offer simple therapies for muscle pain, hydrotherapy, hot and cold water therapy amongst others.

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Advantages Of Chiropractic Care

We often come across many people in and around Owasso, Oklahoma who are quite happy spending money on chiropractic care professionals for their entire family. It might look a bit weird for a few who are not fully aware of the advantages associated with the hiring of Owasso family chiropractor. We, therefore, thought it fit to give some information about the need for chiropractic professionals and the various advantages in hiring them not only for you but for your entire family.

Who Is a Chiropractic Professional?

He or she is a health care professional who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of various neuromuscular disorders. They are known for their emphasis on treating the patients with the help of careful manipulations and adjustments of the spine. Their main objective is to reduce pain for their patients and also educate them on the importance of being self-sufficient. They do so by teaching the patients some doable exercises, therapies and ergonomics based on the condition, age and other factors. Their role is becoming quite popular as the overall health condition goes down for many patients. This is mainly because of changing lifestyles, food habits, sedentary habits and lack of exercise that leads to obesity and overweight problems. We are happy to share some of the main advantages of hiring these professionals.

They Help In Natural Recovery

  • The good thing about the chiropractic approach is that it is very safe and natural. Chiropractors do not use surgery, medications, injections or other types of invasive methods. The focus is on helping the body to heal naturally just by manipulating joints, muscles, tissues, and bones.
  • It could help in treating ear infections in children naturally. Many children have been prescribed antibiotics which comes with a number of sideeffects. There are many instances where the infection levels of Otitis media have come down quite a bit after consistent chiropractic care.
  • It could help to boost immunity. There are studies to corroborate this. With proper chiropractic care, it could lead to a reduction of certain chemicals and hormones that lead to inflammation and other such problems. Chiropractic approaches could also lead to an improvement in the production of leukocytes and they do play a big role in helping white blood cells to fight off disease.
  • Taking care of digestive problems. People, who suffer from impaired digestive problems, often visit chiropractor in Owasso and the results are quite impressive.
  • Better quality of sleep. Many people suffer from spinal pain and back pain and this leads to impaired sleep. With chiropractic care, pain and discomfort can be managed quite efficiently. This, in turn, leads to a much better quality of sleep leading to an overall improvement in health.
  • You also could lower blood pressure. Many people suffer from high blood pressure because of the wrong alignment of the spine. This impacts their overall body function and could impact the blood pressure negative. Experienced chiropractic professionals with their deft manipulations could help to bring back the spine back to its normal position.

Summing Up

Given the above facts, it is quite obvious that there are several benefits and advantages in seeking help from experienced and qualified chiropractic professionals. It could help you to lead a much better quality of life.

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Services Provided By Orthodontists

Whenever we think about an orthodontist in Oklahoma City and other nearby areas, we often associate them with professionals who fix dental braces. Yes, they do provide braces, but this just one of the many services that are provided by these professionals. Whenever there is a need to do something related to the alignment of teeth or repositioning of jaws, you can be sure that they are handled only by an orthodontist. They have a lot of services to offer and we are happy to share a few of them for the benefit of our readers and prospective customers that may include grown-up adults and children.


As mentioned above, fixing or braces is the main task of orthodontists. Braces are made of bands, sires and brackets. Once they are fixed on the teeth and gums, they tighten over some time. This helps to align teeth properly and bring it to the level that you want them to be. They can play a big role in helping overcrowding, overbites, underbites and teeth that have gaps between them. The braces are mostly made of metal and have colored elastics on the brackets. This is for children and to make them happy wearing it.

Space Maintainers

Many children lose their baby teeth earlier than normal. In such situations, space fillers are required so that other teeth do not grow in the space where the missing tooth ought to grow. Space-maintainers help in keeping the space open till such time more teeth fall out and adult teeth start to grow. You also have space-maintainers that are fixed and they work with the help of a band that is attached to one tooth. On the other side, a wire is extended where the missing gap is located. This helps the space to remain in place.


Orthodontists are experts in fixing aligners. They are useful in helping to straighten teeth and ensure that they are aligned properly. They again could come in very handy for treating problems related to overbites, under-bites, crossbites, open bites and even crowding. Aligners are also referred to as Invisalign. They come in the form of clear trays. They are specially fitted around the teeth. They help in molding and over some time, you could have a perfect smile. They are made from special quality plastic material and they are virtually invisible to the outside world.

Appliances For Jaw Repositioning

Also referred to as splints, jaw repositioning appliances are fixtures that are installed by Shawnee orthodontists. They are useful in moving the lower or upper jaws and help in the natural closing of the jaw. They are the preferred choice for treating patients who have temporomandibular joints disorders or TMJ.

Cheek & Lip Bumpers

Many times, the lips and cheeks can exert pressure on the teeth and this could lead to discomfort and pain. Orthodontists help in placing cheek and lip bumpers and this ensures that the cheek and lips stay away from the teeth. It could help in eliminating or reducing discomfort, pain or pressure that it might be causing.


To conclude, there is no doubt that orthodontists offer much more than braces. Therefore, if you have any problems that may be related to improperly formed teeth, crowded teeth or problems related to jaws, it makes sense to get in touch with these professionals.

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