Getting Purified Water for House through Point of Use and Point of Entry Filtration System

Water filter systems with point of entry eliminate requirements of individual filter systems at water dispensers in the house. Whereas point of use systems are meant to filter water before getting dispensed, water filtration systems with point of entry function are required for filtering water upon entering the house. Point of entry water filter system is meant to directly connect to the water line and it can also act like a central source of filtration system for the entire house. Both these systems are vital for houses with great water dispensing locations as they provide peace of mind upon turning on faucets. Let’s look upon what you can expect from both of these.

Point of Entry – Clean Water for the Entire House

Point of entry filtration system gets installed in main water source line. The point of entry is normally installed in garage. These systems are generally gets placed in front side of water heater for delivering pure cold and hot water for all taps in the house. Here, the water firstly enters your house for treating all water that you’re using in the entire house. Treated water then flows through different taps and all appliances in the entire house, due to which they often generically get known by the name whole-house filters.

Point of entry systems provide high capacity filtration and are ideal for treating thousands of gallons of running water in a day. These are available in large sizes along with small mountable units measuring around 20”H x 4.5”, for tall freestanding mineral tank systems standing more than 65” or higher in height.

All these versatile units can make use of different media beds and filter cartridges for practically removing all water contamination types.

Point of Use – Get Purified Water Only when Needed

POU water systems get installed at single connection generally under bathroom sink or kitchen counter. These small systems with low capacity filter water at actual “point” where they’re used.

While the POU purified water gets distributed to many outlets, low volume production (2)-100 GPD) makes it entirely suitable for applications of light use. A few points of use filters can only last around 3 to 6 months depending on the unit size while others can last around 1 year or higher.

POU systems examples include countertop and under counter reverse osmosis (RO) systems along with carbon faucet filters and basic sediments.

While many such filters make claims of producing water for drinking, only RO systems offer highest water quality which is ideal to drink.

It is as only RO systems can make use of highly advanced hyper-filtration membrane technology for removal of more than 99% water contamination and also produces bottled drinking water quality.

Point of Entry & Point of Use Total Water Solutions

Families that require total drinking water solutions, cleaning and bathing water often elects for installation of combination of point of use and Point of Use Filter system for treating their entire house. A normal setup meant for people consuming water from city systems can include installation of an entire house POE backwashing carbon filter in garage for removal of odors and chemicals, which is followed through a POE water softener for minimizing buildup of scale and gets completed through a point of use RO water filtration system in your kitchen to get cooking and drinking water.

Homeowners using well water or the ones who require specialized treatment also find that there are various options for treatment available for addressing certain concerns of water contamination.

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Invisalign – What Is It & What Are Pros And Cons

Crowded teeth, crooked teeth or teeth that are not properly aligned could because of major problem and embarrassment. Therefore, each one of us who suffer from such a problem would like to get it corrected as early as possible. Braces are often considered to be one of the most popular solutions but they have their own set of problems. They are not suitable for those who would like to be discreet when it comes to correcting the problem of crooked teeth or crowded teeth or teeth that are spread across all over the place.

The younger generation and more advanced segments of customers are comfortable with another choice and it is Invisalign. This is becoming the preferred choice for addressing the problems of teeth as mentioned above. As the name itself suggests, this form of correction of teeth is invisible. The device that is used is transparent and clear. Hence, it would be interesting to have a clear idea as to what it is all about. It also would be interesting to have a look at the pros and cons of Invisalign so that the readers are able to get correct and factual information about this modern method of treatment.

What Is Invisalign

This is basically a custom-made aligner that has to be interchanged once every two weeks. This process could continue for six to eighteen months and in some cases, it also could be longer. This would depend on the complexity and severity of misalignment of teeth. This is an orthodontic treatment to help properly align and also move teeth to the right place so that it could offer a beautiful and clean smile. The aligner is computer generated and is made from a mold taking into account the structure and build of the patient’s teeth. Hence each Invisalign aligner is suitable for a single patient only.

Pros Of Invisalign

  •    It is comfortable. Compared to braces, Invisalign is much more comfortable to wear. This is because of the absence of brackets or wires. It also does not have any sharp edges that could irritate or damage the teeth, gums or even the insides of the mouth.
  •    Because is clear and transparent, it looks attractive and your mouth will be free from metal. They look more attractive to the eye and unless you tell your friend, he or she may not be able to make out that your teeth have been fitted with Invisalign.
  •    It is convenient and this again is because it does not have metal braces. Managing braces is a tough task for most.
  •    It can be removed. Users of Invisalign can remove it for brushing teeth, eating and also for flossing. This cannot be done with braces. You can practice better oral hygiene and also eat the food that you love.


  •    It is expensive and could cost anything from $3,500 to $8,000.
  •    Increased number of attachments has become the norm of the day.
  •    It should be worn at least 22 hours a day.
  •    Initially, you could experience pain and tooth discomfort.

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What Is Acupuncture And How It Works

Whenever we think about acupuncture Okc, we often have images of needles piercing through various parts of the body. We imagine that it could be highly painful and could cause more problems than solutions. However, this actually may not be the case. If we take a step back, pause and then understand the actual objective and methodology of this form of treatments, then we might have a few things good to learn about it. This is an ancient form of complementary form of medication which has its origins in China. Over the past many hundreds of years, it has moved from China and is also quite popular among thousands of patients across Europe, USA and other countries of the world. We will try and find out more about this ancient form of treatment and try to separate the grain from the chaff as far as facts are concerned.

What Is This Treatment All About

chiropractic and acupuncture is a treatment which requires the insertion of needles in various point of the body. These are referred to as the trigger points. Yes, the insertion of the needles does cause tiny injuries at the point of contact. But the injury is minimal or even insignificant in nature. It is supposed to strengthen the immune system of the body, improve blood circulation in specific areas of the body. It also could help in wound healing and also for pain management and modulation.

What Is The Philosophy

The philosophy behind acupuncture is based on the life-giving force referred to as ‘qi’ but pronounced as ‘chee’. When ‘chee’ is normal and flowing the right way and in the right force, then a person would be in normal health. However, whenever there is a problem with the flow of ‘chee’ it could lead to illnesses of different types and categories. The basic objective of acupuncture is to ensure that the right balance is maintained and this is done only when “chee” is working properly. This is where acupuncture could play a big role.

What Kind Of Ailments Can It Be Effective

Though it is basically a complementary form of medication, it can be useful in treating the symptoms and more importantly the causes of various types of health conditions. Traditionally, acupuncture has been found to be effective in handling the following diseases and health conditions.

•Chronic headaches. Whether it is a migraine or sinusitis-driven headaches, there are reasons to believe that acupuncture could play a big role in giving relief from pain and discomfort within a short period of time.

•Back pain and joint pains. As you age, it is quite obvious that you will suffer from joint pains especially in the knees, shoulders, and lower back. Qualified and experienced acupuncturists can help give quick relief from these aches and pains across different parts of the body.

•It could also play a big role in giving continuous and permanent relief from high blood pressure and also help to treat various digestive disorders and even improve the functioning of the kidney and liver.


In fine, there is no doubt that there are obviously quite a few things positive and real about acupuncture. Yes, there are a few who are still skeptical about it but it has stood the test of time.

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Why Is A Perfect Chiropractor Website Design Important?

Do you want to start a new Oklahoma City chiropractic clinic? Then you need to know some important tips. Here are some tips regarding to marketing your clinic which will help to promote your business. There must be numerous chiropractic clinics around you which are well established. But with the help of a proper marketing strategy, you can create a difference and get more success in your business. By applying some simple ideas for chiropractic marketing, you can increase your visibility and acquire many clients as well.

Valuable Marketing Tips

Here are some useful and valuable marketing tips for your chiropractic office.

  1.    You have to look at the services that other local chiropractors have ignored to offer. Surely, for this, you need to study their services properly. You have to offer those services to your clients to become different from them.
  2.    You have to make sure that you create some online advertisements for your chiropractic office. These advertisements can be done through online banners, websites of your own business as well as social media. Make sure that your chiropractor website design is quite simple and user-friendly.
  3.    In order to bring new clients, you have to offer some discount coupons to them. This is an age-old tactic but work brilliantly to attract more customers to the office.
  4.    Often a client refers to another person who in turn becomes one of the most potential customers. This helps your business to grow and expand. So, it will be better if you can offer some special discounts to the ones who refer a new client for you. This will help you to expand your business faster.
  5.    A customer appreciation day is a good idea. Holding this day often where you will offer discounts and free adjustment to your already existing clients can help you to increase the number of referrals. This is because the clients will appreciate and will have a strong opinion about you.
  6.    There are many non-profit organizations everywhere. Find few in your locality and offer some discounted services to them and give something as their charity. This marketing strategy will not help you earn upfront but will bring a lot of business and some potential customers in the future.

All these are 6 marketing tips are very much important to run your chiropractic business or office. You need to make sure that you have an online presence for sure to get better exposure. Even your chiropractor website design must be responsive. This is because if any person visits your website from their mobile, then he/she will not face any kind of problem to navigate.

Also if you have online scheduling for your OKC Children chiropractor website then it will allow the clients to fix an appointment directly from the website itself. This will also send an automated text and email to the clients about the upcoming appointment. This will make sure they do not forget to show up for the appointment on time. This is really a convenient process by which your clients will be able to schedule an appointment with you.

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Invisalign vs Braces: Which to Choose?

Here is a look at the unique advantages of traditional braces and Invisalign for the customers to decide which one is best suited for them:


1) Invisible Treatment: Invisalign is known to be an invisible form of treatment especially because of its translucent braces. Their braces are clear and transparent, making them essentially invisible while wearing them. Although, they can be seen when looked very closely, they not usually noticed at the time of a casual conversation.

2)  Fewer and Faster Follow-up Appointments: The aligners in Invisalign are prepared in sets, typically a few for every individual. So, the customers can pick-up several sets in every follow-up visit and are required to go for short appointments in every 2 to 3 months. This is best suited for the working professionals and busy parents as they can manage their schedules for the appointments easily.

3)  Improved Oral Hygiene: With the Invisalign aligning treatment, it is possible to have easiness in cleaning the teeth. There is no requirement of additional aids or tools for cleaning the under/around brackets and wires. Customers can simply remove the aligners and brush & floss their teeth normally. Invisalign expedites the overall process of having well-aligned and cleaner teeth.

4)  Less Impact on Daily Routine: The patients using Invisalign are able to eat and drink whatever they like without having to worry about effects on braces. Since the eating and drinking are done carried out with the aligners on, there are no parts that can pop off or break white chewing. But, remembering to take off the aligners during every meal is important or else they may break.


1)  More Suitability: The traditional braces provide successful results in any type of situation, be it minor movements of teeth of complex alignment bite.

2)  Range of Options: Because of the modern advancements, braces for kids are now available in different types of non-metal materials such as- ceramic braces, tooth colored braces, etc. Also, dentists use low profile wires nowadays in traditional braces that are less likely to get noticed.

3)  Cost Effective: Being the traditional method of teeth straightening, the metal braces are less costly as compared to envisaging. They are fare more affordable and are chosen by many happy customers even today. In the recent years, cost of envisaging has dropped considerably due to which the difference in the cost of the two forms of treatment has also reduced.

4)  Most Preferred: As the metal braces are suitable for all age groups, most patients prefer them. Also, the conventional orthodontics provides the liberty of making adjustments and changes easily. Therefore, they are mostly preferred by the younger patients as their mouth keep evolving as they grow older. With traditional braces, the dentists have the option of incorporating additional appliances such as space maintainers, or palatal expanders.

Both Invisalign and conventional braces are placed in the modern orthodontic treatment therapy. Deciding which is one is better depends solely on customers and their orthodontists. It is better to take into account the various factors and go for a treatment that fits one’s daily routine, personal requirements, age, short-term and long-term goals, and budget.

Making A Difference In Worn Torn Countries By Improving Hearing

Changing The World One Sound At A Time

At Live Positively Collective we are all about making a difference in communities around the world. From setting up successful green recycling stations in third world countries, to providing aid to those victims of natural disasters and tragic events. In this post we want to feature a company in Oklahoma that has gone out of their way to help children that have displaced or injured by war.

Noised Induced Hearing Loss

dr checking the inner ear of a childIn countries that experience constant bombing and gun fire, hearing loss is a problem amongst members of those communities. Explosions, short bursts of gunfire, and long lasting gun battles can damage sensitive structures in the inner ear and cause long lasting hearing problems. NIHL or Noised Induced Hearing Loss is often times caused by exposure to an intense “impulse” sound, such as an explosion, or by continuous exposure to loud sounds over an extended period of time, such as noise generated in a woodworking shop – the negative impact this has on hearing can be caused by a single exposure to the sound or long term exposure.

Decibels are a unit of measure used for sound. Sounds of less than 75 decibels, even after long exposure, are unlikely to cause hearing loss. However, long or repeated exposure to sounds at or above 85 decibels can cause hearing loss. The louder the sound, the shorter the amount of time it takes for NIHL to become present. You can reference a decibel chart to better understand which every day noises in our communities and impact your hearing.

Oklahoma Hearing Center To The Rescue

While we try to provide aid to these war torn countries with resources raised by community events, there is often times aid needed that can’t be provided by community members. Things like eye care, ear care, and medical treatment that need to be diagnosed and administered by a healthcare professional require volunteer work from licensed practitioners. We reached out to a hearing aid center in the Oklahoma City metro area that has volunteered their efforts to help us bring hearing back to those that have been impaired by NIHL.

Making A Difference

With the help of our communities, and the services offered by the medical practitioners in our area we can continue to make a difference for children around the world that need our humanitarian aid to combat the tragedies of war.

Security For The Storm Seasons

It is a balmy April day as well as the atmosphere appears primed for serious weather in Oklahoma City. Storm Shelters studies from Brandi Wilson heavens for quickly changing climate conditions. “I will kind of be on edge all day long.”

In the Plains to the Midwest to the Southeast, springtime is an occasion when the heavens regularly boil with intense thunderstorms that could create the dreaded power of nature, dangerous lightning, damaging hail as well as flood rains – the twister. 2008 has been an extremely busy year for tornadoes with 494 reports of twisters in only the initial three months of the year allowing the National Weather Service. That is more than double the average for the past three years for exactly the same period of time. Those numbers are particularly troubling considering the National Weather Service warns and monitors for tornado-producing thunderstorms better than in the past. Just about any twister that touches down in this state has a Tornado Warning issued before a populated area hits.

For you yourself to keep safe in case of a twister, four things must occur. First, a great warning, which commonly is true must be issued by the National Weather Service. Word must get out a tornado is in route. To get this done, the warnings are sent to television stations and commercial radio, which in turn air the intense weather messages. The warnings also are air on the own weather radio network of the Weather Service. Subsequent to the word is out, set their crisis plan into actions and those must act upon it promptly. Inaction may be tremendous error. Eventually, there must be a safe area for all to go. That amount is amazing thinking about so much of the town was changed and town’s inhabitants is more than 1300. These four measures worked in Greensburg. Sadly, with twister deaths rising, many communities obviously are not as prepared as Greensburg.

Below are some straightforward affairs you’re able to do make certain each of the measures to security are taken in your house. When severe weather is anticipated first, be sure you keep near a way to obtain weather info. Some television stations offer services that can send warnings via email or text messages for your telephone or computer. Additionally, all houses must possess a NOAA weather radio that receives warnings and these watches straight from your National Weather Service. These come using a feature that may automatically turn the radio on using a loud tone to alert you of approaching risk when a warning is issued to your county.

Locate a version together with the Specific Area Message Encoding, or SAME, characteristic. Do not dismiss it, as soon as you hear the warning and go instantly to your location that is safe. Subterranean in a storm cellar is not worst. Next would be a cellar away from windows and garage doors should you not have one. Don’t forget to get under something sturdy, like a workbench. Then go to the lowest floor of your house should you do not have a cellar and into an interior room such as toilet or a cabinet, away from windows. Toilets and cabinets are not bad since they’ve been smaller rooms with shorter walls that regularly stand in the high winds of a tornado. Within the restroom, the conduits offer added strength. You cover your head and can lie down in the tub. Additional protection is provided by the sides of the bath from flying debris, which can be accountable for a lot of injuries during these thunderstorms. Better than bathrooms or closets are tornado safe rooms. These come in the kind of an enormous steel carton or are commonly constructed with steel.

Set in a garage in a house as well as, these specially constructed constructions are especially constructed to withstand the high winds of a tornado. They can be retrofitted into existing residences or can be assembled in the house during building. These rooms usually give an excellent amount of security, next to being underground. Should your home is in a mobile home, leave it and visit shelter that is durable nearby, possibly in the residence of a close friend or relative. Allowing the National Weather Service, in 2007, twisters killed 52 people in mobile homes when compared with only 16 in traditional houses. Evidently, mobile homes are no place to be during twisters. In the event that you work or live above the very first floor in a multistory building, like an office or apartment complex, go down to the first floor and find shelter from windows in the concrete stairwell or another little interior space.

Brandi Wilson will continue to maintain an eye to the skies and tune in in the event of any warnings to the neighborhood weather report on television this springtime. As it pertains to tornadoes and severe weather in 2013, we all should be prepared as the Wilsons.

Locating A Dentist For You & Your Family

Finding a Dentist that is good for you and your family is easy. The first two points are the perfect spot to begin. The type of Dentist does one want? Does one want an unique Dentist for the kids? All else is moot until you answer these essential questions.

State Board licensed dentists in general practice are completely qualified to supply virtually all facets of dental care. These appellations aren’t formally acknowledged dental specialties. If you’ve got extreme symptoms including bleeding gums, jaw pain that is persistent or acute toothache, it’s automatic and simple to suppose which you want a dental practitioner. While that may be accurate, most dental practitioners need you to first see a dentist for a dental examination that is complete, and necessary.

If your dentist that is general discovers which you need treatments which are outside their expertise, they should refer one to an appropriate specialist. Remember that many general dentists really perform some of the exact same treatments for example wisdom tooth extraction, root canals, as dental specialists, and dental crown and bridge procedures. So, locate a dental practice that does everything. Schedule a meeting, and go ask your questions.

Many general dentists are comfortable treating kids with specific healthcare needs although, a pediatric dentist may be your most suitable choice for that particular kid. Consult with a dentist about your kid’s state to choose the finest dental house to your kid. Pediatric dentists concentrate on caring for children’s teeth. A pediatric dentist has an additional two to 3 years of learning dentistry for kids. This training comprises treatment of kids with special healthcare needs. Based in your kid’s needs, you may choose a pediatric dentist.

The dentist will ask questions to learn if your kid is at high, moderate or low risk for gum disease and cavities. This info can be used to make an agenda to assist in preventing difficulties in the mouth. For toddlers and babies, the dentist may take the state of your kid’s mouth and only an instant look at the way the teeth are growing. As your child gets older the mouth will be completely checked by the dentist, clean the teeth, and take x-rays.

A youngster may want more help still during treatment and to be relaxed. Your kid relaxes and he remains alert and sensitive. In addition to medicine, a security restraint might be used so your kid jerk and will not go. A standard kind is a papoose system – wrapping a kid snugly in a blanket that is special. Dr. Schmidt- sedation dentistry OKC expert will give you comprehensive directions on the best way to take care of your kid’s teeth and mouth. You should practice this so that you are comfortable brushing and flossing.